Teachers Talking


"After using Spelling Zappers, I was particularly thrilled to see the results of the special needs children including a girl who finds memorising spellings extremely difficult... this could be a major way forward for her."

Primary Teacher

"The Spelling Zappers proved to be a big success... the children felt they had ownership for their own learning as they adopted the different strategies."

Miss L. (Y3 Teacher)

"Zapping for a few minutes every day is a much more manageable way of practising and retaining spellings than last minute learning the night before..."

Mr D. (Headteacher)


"Spelling Zappers are a game changer!"

Primary Teacher

"This half term Year 3 (teachers) have introduced Spelling Zappers. I have seen some huge progress in their spellings because of this and I am excited to see their continued progress using the Zappers."

Head Teacher, Worcestershire

"One class (in the school) had been introduced to Spelling Zappers. This has positively impacted on the class so Zappers may be rolled out to the whole school because of its success."

Literacy Subject Governor

"Iíve used Spelling Zappers for the past two years... the results are amazing!"

Y3 Teacher

"The Zapper had many benefits, including increased self-esteem and a real improvement in attainment."

Miss C. (Y4 Teacher)


Full instructions are included in the Spelling Zapper Resource Pack.

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