Reviews & Comments

"Spelling Zappers, linked to homework, are helping improve spelling of frequently used words and as a result pupils are becoming more adept and confident in correct spelling."

OFSTED, Primary School, Sheffield

"An inner city Sheffield school reported that a Year 3 class doubled the rate of expected progress in 6 months (whilst trialling Spelling Zappers)."

Primary School, Sheffield

"Thank you so much for devising such a brill learning tool - zappers have completely revolutionised our spelling. The children absolutely love them and now have total ownership over learning and practising the words we have learnt in our spelling lessons. We zap at any given opportunity. Lots of our children were reluctant to learn their spellings and we found that there was a last minute panic to cram in spellings the night before the test - this was evident through the low marks achieved. This has changed. I love the fact they are so easy to organise. We are now Zaptastic spellers who have a lot of fun learning spellings."

Y6 Teacher, York

"Zapping for a few minutes every day is a much more manageable way of practising and retaining spellings than last minute learning the night before..."

Y6 Teacher, York


"Spelling Zappers are a game changer!"

Primary Teacher

"This half term Year 3 (teachers) have introduced Spelling Zappers. I have seen some huge progress in their spellings because of this and I am excited to see their continued progress using the Zappers."

Head Teacher, Worcestershire

"One class (in the school) had been introduced to Spelling Zappers. This has positively impacted on the class so Zappers may be rolled out to the whole school because of its success."

Literacy Subject Governor

"Iíve used Spelling Zappers for the past two years... the results are amazing!"

Y3 Teacher

"Iíve never seen the children so enthused!"


"When youíve been Zapped the words are really in your head."

Melissa Y5

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